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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Turkey Catches ISIS Istanbul Shooter, Beats Him To A Pulp

The ISIS attacker responsible for a mass shooting at an Istanbul nightclub New Year’s day was caught in the city’s Esenyurt district Tuesday, according to Turkish media reports, and appears to have paid a price for his crimes already.

The unnamed suspect appears to have been beaten severely by Turkish special police forces. Pictures of the captured suspect show him with severe bruises and cuts, and a shirt covered in blood. Other pictures show another man face-down on the ground, hands cuffed behind his back with a Turkish officer’s foot on his head. Police also reportedly detained three women.



Anonymous said...

wish i was helping them.

Anonymous said...

Muslim killers and terrorists need to be subjected to living in a pig pen and when dead, fed to pigs. Let's see how well they get accepted in their heaven after that!

Anonymous said...

im watching.

Anonymous said...

If America started roughing up some of these mini criminals..without retribution..then maybe we wouldn't have these droves of animals running then streets assaulting people and stealing.

Anonymous said...

and the problem is? one time in the marines our co told us he wanted the perpetrator brought to him and he better not be standing! he wasn't!