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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Last Days of the Obama White House

The media loves to compare the "thin-skinned" Donald Trump with the cool, insouciant Barack Obama who never lets anything rattle him.

But is that really true? You be the judge.

While Obama has been smiling through a so-called "victory lap" with "60 Minutes," The New York Times and other liberal outlets, we've been talking to a source who portrays a far different picture — an angry, deeply hurt, and depressed Obama, who can't get over his party's defeat at the polls, which he takes as a personal rebuke by the American public.

This source has visited the Obama White House on numerous occasions over the past eight years. He's slept in the Lincoln Bedroom, dined with the Obama family in the Residence, and received regular updates on the psychological temperature in the Oval Office.

"The only thing that makes them feel better are plans to stop Trump from getting things done. From what Valerie says, that is going to be Barack's main job going forward — leading the resistance to Trump.



Anonymous said...

Rotor Rooter , Stanley Steamer , Orkin just finished and left !!! Almost ready for new occupants !!!

Anonymous said...

The news polls gave him a false sense of security, one that put a smile on his face as he fell asleep each night. Give thanks to the stupid pollsters, who obviously had no idea what they were doing.

Anonymous said...

Mail Forwarding just began !!

Anonymous said...

Who trusts the polls, they were wrong before the election and were shown to be heavily loaded with democratic voters. I heard one poll was 78% of democrats were unhappy with trump and 34% of republicans were unhappy. Its all in how you massage the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Look for the quality of what gets loaded onto his teleprompter to drop like a rock because the allowance for office help for ex-prexies is modest. And by rights he should be buying his own teleprompter so he'll have to set it up.