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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rand Paul: 'We're Going to Legalize the Sale of Inexpensive Insurance'

( - Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) insists that Obamacare replacement should happen at the same time as repeal, and he's produced a replacement bill that will "give access to the most amount of people at the least amount of cost."

He said there will be no government mandate telling people they must have insurance or pay a penalty:

"So, one of the key reforms that we will do is, we're going to legalize the sale of inexpensive insurance. That means getting rid of the Obamacare mandates on what you can buy," Paul told CNN's "State of the Union."

"We are going to help people save through health savings accounts, as well as a tax credit," Paul continued. "And then one of the things that we need to talk more about -- and this is the third part of the replacement bill -- is, we're going to allow individuals to come together in associations to buy insurance."

Paul, an ophthalmologist, said he once employed four people at his doctor's office. "If one of my employees got cancer, it was devastating to the bottom line, not only to them, obviously, but to the bottom line of insurance.

"But there's no reason why someone with four employees shouldn't be able to join with hundreds and hundreds of other businesses that are small to become a large entity to get leverage to bring your prices down, but also to get insurance that can't cancel you and guarantees the issue of the insurance even if you get sick."

Paul said Obamacare failed because there were too many government mandates, which made it too expensive.



Anonymous said...

This is the way it used to be.
When I lived in PA, a friend ran a food route. They were sole proprietors. Therefore they did not have group insurance and it was expensive.

A bunch of them got together and developed an association (all route guys). The association bought group insurance. That went on for years.

Then Blue Cross said, we are not going to recognize this association anymore and went back to charging them huge dollars for the same policy they previously had because now there were no longer a group and it was a personal policy.

At the time, what they did was legal, then the insurance industry changed the rules. The game is rigged against you, always.

Anonymous said...

If you can purchase State Farm, Geico or Liberty Mutual for your car across state lines then why can't I purchase Blue Cross or Aetna for my body across state lines, too?

Anonymous said...

Make it applicable to Congress, Supreme Court and White House staff as well - no exemptions for them or unions.

Removing the individual mandate is a good thing. If you wait until you're sick to buy insurance - pay the penalty then - along with higher premiums!

Anonymous said...

11:20 AM Actually you sorta can. A PPO policy lets you get care across state lines, but other policies only allow you to go to MD, DE, VA.

I get what you are saying. They are all national companies, so whats the difference where you buy it and where you get care.

Since we have traveling salesmen we always had to pay more for "national" policies. Heaven forbid someone get hurt out of the tri-state area.

Always rigged against us. Always.

Anonymous said...

Goverment should base all poor people's insurence on income and have them pay something... even if it's ten dollars a month or something and if they don't take thier child credits at tax time.if they do that, I think the goverment should make it so you can purchase through medicaid and get some of these companies scared they would have to abide by gov standards/prices.when all the clients start to jump off regular inssurence, then prices should drop...