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Thursday, January 19, 2017

New York Times Staff Braces For Round Of Layoffs, Budget Cuts

The New York Times is preparing for a round of layoffs and budget cuts aimed at helping the paper remain competitive in an ever-more cutthroat media environment.

A team of seven journalists released a report of their recommendations to the paper Tuesday, after spending a year reviewing TheNYT newsroom and practices in accordance with a directive from executive editor Dean Baquet. The anticipated assessment — known internally as the “2020 report” — recommends a series of broad changes that include hiring more diverse journalists so the paper better reflects the audience it wants to attract.

The transformation laid out in the report will require budget cuts and layoffs, Baquet and his managing editor Joe Khan said in TheNYT Tuesday. “We view this moment as a necessary repositioning of The Times newsroom, not as a diminshment,” they said, adding that the cuts will lead to a “smaller and more focused” newsroom.

“The world is changing really rapidly,” NYT columnist David Leonhardt said in an interview with the paper. “We have to keep up, and even get ahead of it.”



Anonymous said...

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

“We have to keep up, and even get ahead of it.”

First you need to catch up.

Anonymous said...

They just won't learn will they?

Anonymous said...

Look for this to happen at Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC as people turn to other mediums for news. They did it to themselves. They've burned all their currency with the public with this election. Hope Clinton was worth trashing their careers.

Anonymous said...

I heard "Hamilton" is hiring...right down the street. Can keep the same parking passes.