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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wisconsin Republican: Ryan is ‘Quisling of Capitol Hill’

Challenger accuses House speaker of working against Trump

“Many of our fellow citizens feel alienated and have lost faith in our core institutions. They don’t feel heard, and they don’t feel represented by those in office. But Donald Trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke those words Wednesday, a day after Trump’s momentous upset victory in the presidential election.

But the speaker is wrong to suggest Trump heard a voice no one else did, contends Paul Nehlen, the man who challenged Ryan in his GOP congressional primary this year.

“We’ve all been screaming it,” Nehlen told WND in an interview. “Paul Ryan heard us. Mitch McConnell heard us. They’ve ignored us, and they in fact worked against us. And that is the reason for the rise of Donald Trump. This race was not about Donald Trump; this race was about not being listened to.”

Ryan also credited Trump’s “strong coattails” with helping Republicans hold onto the House and Senate. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin was one of the Republican incumbents thought to be vulnerable who nevertheless hung onto his seat.



Anonymous said...

Well what's worse.....hearing it and doing nothing or not hearing the cry at all???? It's to late to turn back like that isn't it??? You Democrats just need to move on to your next cause....this time listen, or if you hear it, do something!

Anonymous said...

We'll be seeing a lot of political chameleons very soon.

Anonymous said...

Ryan will change his spots daily to get him what he wants. He cares NOTHING about the Citizenry.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and others like him need to pay more attention and heed the warning from this year's election results.