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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Is a Hillary pardon on Obama’s home stretch?

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It probably wouldn’t even have been on the table for discussion if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, but on Wednesday, only hours after she conceded the 2016 race to Republican Donald Trump, there were discussions appearing online about the possibility of President Obama pardoning Hillary Clinton.

Amid FBI probes of Clinton’s handling of classified information and pay-for-play by the Clinton Foundation, Trump, now the president-elect, has insisted she be held accountable.

Having been given a pass for her “extremely careless” handling of national security secrets while secretary of state, it would seem unlikely she would face additional scrutiny if she had won the White House.

But under a law-and-order, build-a-border-wall President Donald Trump, it could be another matter entirely.

Which apparently is what prompted the Washington Times to note, “The White House refused to rule out Wednesday whether President Obama might grant a pardon to Hillary Clinton to spare her from President-elect Donald Trump prosecuting her after he takes office.”



Anonymous said...

I think he will pardon her and Bill. They have too much dirt on him and others. Not safe to cross the Clinton's! I think she and Bill should be executed for Treason, money laundering, and murder. I think their daughter should also spend time in prison for money laundering as a part of her work with the Clinton Foundation. Her Wedding was paid through this foundation. As a non profit, she already broke the law concerning this. I hope during the Trump presidency, this and other illegal foundations will get investigated and prosecuted. Director of the FBI needs to also be fired and investigated.

Anonymous said...

The IRS blocked conservative groups from even being allowed to accept donations and those involved were never charged with a crime. The clinton foundation is allowed to operate illegally and all those involved will not even be charged with crimes they committed. AND, I have not met a liberal that has a problem with this. Just another reason why I have only voted for a democrat once in over 30 years and if I could I would take that vote back.

Anonymous said...

she has to be charged before she can be pardoned