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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Enough already. Sanctuary cities fly in the face of settled United States law and the Constitution. The very party that is filled with atheists and religious mockers, uses religion as a way of justifying sanctuary cities. They often say it's the "Christian" thing to do, when they oppose pro-life laws because they're rooted primarily in religious beliefs. Talk about hypocrites!

The country, which has a right to borders, and the president who has a Constitutional DUTY to protect those borders has been let down since at least the Johnson Administration. Even Ronald Reagan danced with the devil on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. In fact, it has turned into a most unarmed invasion of the country. To be fair, the Republicans bear as much responsibility for this as the Democrats. How you ask? Why you ask? Money. Plain and simple, money.

The Obama Administration had a Democrat controlled House and Senate his first two years in office. He PROMISED Latinos and Hispanics that he would immediately work on Immigration Reform. We all knew that was a lie. There's too much money in keeping things status quo. This is where President-Elect Donald J Trump can bring law and sovereignty back to the United States and its citizens.

And as for citizens...Tonight on a Cable network, the mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Javier Gonzalez, said that his sanctuary city is protecting citizens from the federal government and allows them to come out of the shadows. ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE NOT CITIZENS. They are lawbreakers by virtue of crossing the border illegally. I'm not here to suggest that those south of the border should be blocked from immigrating LEGALLY. Not at all. But we must enforce immigration laws. The Democrats don't want to because unlike Republicans, they make long-term plans. It isn't just about this election cycle. Eventually, they will, given the opportunity, legalize the illegals and then put them on an easy path to citizenship and the vote.

Legal immigrants who go through the process and become citizens SHOULD have the right to vote. So let's look briefly at sanctuary cities and what the new President can do. First of all, pass Kate's law. Symbolic or not, an illegal alien, a Mexican A Mexican illegal alien who had been deorted five times previously allegedly used a stolen federal agent’s gun to shoot Kate Steinle dead as she walked arm and arm with her father on July 16, 2015 along a San Francisco pier14. The last words her father hear her speak were..."Help me, Dad."

Kate Steinle didn't have sanctuary. She was a U.S. Citizen who's life should not have been at risk to be taken by a violent 5 time deportee regardless of his country of origin.

So back to what I suggest and hope Mr Trump will do...Deny funding to any city that is a sanctuary city. This includes Rahm Emmanuel's Chicago. And Los Angeles. And San Francisco, and Santa Fe et al. Then to add teeth to it, any state distributing money to a sanctuary city should also lose its federal funding. This can be done through budget reconciliation thus beating back any anti-American Democrat resistance.

Next, since Mr Trump at his base is a pragmatist. Seeking out and deporting violent ILLEGAL ALIENS, should be his next step...but deporting those without a criminal record, save for ONE border crossing, he needs to be his pragmatistic self. Like it or not, they have become part of the economy. More of them pay taxes than you know, using fake I.D. Stealing Social Security numbers. Creating administrative havoc. The president-elect needs to work with the leadership on both sides of the aisle for REAL immigration reform. Not to get mired down in the specifics, it should include buying legality through an annual fine for each year they have been here against the law. I should think a reasonable amount would be $1,200 a year for each year.

Then the illegal should be required to go through a vetting process similar to being on parole. Screw up, get jailed for your crime and then deported. If you miss your immigration parole officer appointment, then you get 30 days and a bus ride back to the border, or a plane ride depending on the nation of origin. I think you get the general idea, but what they should NEVER have is a pathway to citizenship, unless they serve in the military. Then citizenship should be granted at the end of their enlistment.

If the $1,200 annual fine is an actual hardship, then labor for the government, city, state or federal, could be substituted at 4 times the amount. It would invest the ILLEGAL in the country and that would make them more likely to assimilate as well.

Notice that my suggestions have been primarily economic. There is a reason. You've heard it said; "Follow the money." It's sadly a truism. But it would solve many of the issues.

One other thing. An ILLEGAL ALIEN pulled over by the police, and discovered to be illegal should be reported to ICE. ICE should immediately get a subpoena to hold the ILLEGAL ALIEN until ICE can pick them up. If the sanctuary city politicians and law enforcement release them before the ICE agents can arrive, as happened in San Francisco, then they should be arrested and do time once convicted. I should think 5 years would be enough of a deterrent.

Our citizenship was easily obtained by a stroke of luck of birth and geography. It's easy to feel compassion for others not so fortunate. Such is our society. But for our mutual protection, we need more that simply following our feelings.

What do you think? What steps do you think President Trump should take?

"That which we obtain to easily, we esteem too lightly."



Anonymous said...

Joe, I hope your ideas make it to Trump Tower! You have made some very good, rational suggestions to solve this crisis.
I asked a liberal the other day: "Did you lock your house today? Car? Computer password protected? Why? Don't you trust anyone? Why not let complete strangers have access to all of it?" I let that analogy sink in. "Why is it any different for our borders?" It's not being xenophobic to want secure borders.

Anonymous said...

Very good, well thought out suggestion.