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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hunting, Fishing Recognized as Constitutional Rights in Kansas, Indiana

While Donald Trump was winning the day nationally on November 8, voters in Kansas and Indiana were enshrining that hunting and fishing are constitutional rights.

The Wichita Eagle reports that an overwhelming majority of voters supported amending the Kansas constitution to include a right to hunt and fish. The push to do so arose after lawmakers watched anti-hunting activists in other states use lawsuits to diminish hunting or do away with certain hunts altogether.

State Representative Adam Lusker (D-Frontenac) pushed the amendment, which he described as a “pre-emptive move.” He “pointed to a recent lawsuit filed by a California-based animal rights group to stop a western Kansas coyote hunting contest as proof that hunting needs as much protection as possible.”

Kansas’ right to hunt and fish amendment protects the right to trap, too.



Anonymous said...

I assume NO LICENSE required?

Why would we need permission from government to hunt or fish?

Wake up sheeple!

David Karick said...

It truly is sad that a poor person can't get a pole, some line and hook to feed his family without having to first purchase license. It was one food source which was truly free and healthy that even the poorest could attain. Not anymore, they must get a license when they can'take even afford bread! Sad,very sad!

Anonymous said...

I agree. A person should not be required to purchase a hunting or fishing license. It's just more government intrusion.

Anonymous said...

I don't need a license to hunt or fish but that is what comes with being a waterfront land owner.