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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Schweizer: Clinton Investigation Must Continue to Ensure It Won't Be 'Imitated By Other Politicians'

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Breitbart editor at large Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash,” argued that the investigation into improprities regarding Bill and Hillary Clinton and their charitable organization the Clinton Foundation must go on even though Hillary Clinton had come up short in her bid to be president earlier this week.

“I think I have said and a lot of people have said from the beginning this is not about politics – this is about rule of law and whether she wins or loses, we still have to enforce the law and see if laws were broken,” Schweizer said.

He added if it isn’t properly dealt with, it could be a model for other politicians.



Anonymous said...

Hillary and Bill are the last two people in the world we want to see emulated in politics.

Anonymous said...

Schweizer is stupid.

Ms. Clinton must be investigated because she broke the law.