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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Exit Polls: Donald Trump Beats Mitt Romney, Wins More Support Among Minorities

Donald Trump outperformed Gov. Mitt Romney’s ballot-box support from African-Americans and Latinos.

Exit polls collected by CNN show Trump won at least 29 percent of the Latino vote in 2016, while Romney won only 27 percent in in 2012. The polls also show Trump won at least 8 percent of the African-American vote, while Romney won only 6 percent.

That’s a huge increase given the establishment’s hostility directed at Trump, and it also contradicts the pro-amnesty claims made in business-backed GOP reports after Romney’s failed 2012 run.

The GOP’s so-called autopsy report — which was drafted, reviewed and reshaped by hundreds of business-funded consultants, lobbyists and pollster, declared:

among the steps Republicans take in the Hispanic community and beyond, we must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform. If we do not, our Party’s appeal will continue to shrink to its core constituencies only. We also believe that comprehensive immigration reform is consistent with Republican economic policies that promote job growth and opportunity for all.


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