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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Panhandlers Caught Driving Rental Car, Traveling Around Town To Solicit Cash

SANTA CLARITA ( — From the San Fernando Valley to the Santa Clarita Valley, CBS2’s David Goldstein’s undercover cameras captured similar looking groups of panhandlers with children.

Some were holding kids small enough to even be breastfeeding, and all were holding signs claiming to be down and out.

But are they as needy as they seem?

Goldstein watched them outside shopping areas all over town, with similar signs reading “Please help,”, “Lost my job,” “I have 3 kids” and the like.

Residents believe they’re all working together, and they’re fed up.

“It’s a well-organized group, no question about it,” said one local.



Anonymous said...

Came from Da'bury.

Anonymous said...

Where did they get a C/C to put down on rental car?

Anonymous said...

No worse than the "blind" man that played the banjo on the boardwalk in OC when I was growing up. Many of you will remember him, with the German Shepard service dog. I lived and worked in OC after my senior year of high school and hung out on the boardwalk into the wee hours of the morning. And to my amazement, I watched him get "off work" one night and walk down to a side street and get into a Cadillac and drive off! He was no more blind than you or me. He was a "snowbird" that would go to Florida in the winter months and earn his living there, and return to OC every summer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that guy was a pretty good banjo player. He probably made as much money panhandling on the OC boardwalk in the summertime, as most middle class working folks did back then, maybe even more. His "work" might have been quite lucrative.