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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2 men get life sentences for killing off-duty N.J. corrections officer

TRENTON – Late on a November night four years ago, Maurice Skillman stood in a parking lot and fired 22 shots at a balcony above, fatally hitting off-duty corrections officer Carl Batie, 26, in the forehead.

His accomplice, Hykeem Tucker, stood nearby.

Though the men – now 30 and 29-years-old, respectively – played different roles in the fatal attack, they faced the same fate Friday morning – life in prison.

Superior Court Judge Andrew Smithson handed down the sentence Friday after remarking on the brutality of the crime and saying he hoped the life sentence would be a wakeup for the community.

"It seems every time we turn around there is another shooting," Smithson said.



Anonymous said...

should only be the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it took 4 years for the family to have closure!

Anonymous said...

The state of MD needs to bring back the Death penalty esp for pos like thes thugz.

Anonymous said...

It is not over, they have appeals to apply for, for say the next, oh 20 - 25 years! There should only be three appeals: 1) The states highest court, 2) Federal appeals court and finally 3) the Supreme Court and then done. This crap of appeal and appealet and appeal for decades needs to end!

Anonymous said...

Idiot dem soft cupcake judges