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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Virtual Reading Room Documents Search Results

If there's ever a link you want to click on, this is the one. GO HERE

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Anonymous said...

State has been dropping some major clangers while trying to cover up Clinton's crimes.

What’s with the retro-classification? If you don’t treat it as classified right from the get-go, then everybody who has a foreign intelligence service already knows all about it. Classifying it now does what—protects it from Congress? Judicial Watch? The FBI?

Either it should have been classified all along—in which case, State screwed up by failing to classify it, and Hillary screwed up by her improper handling of material she is duty-bound to recognize as classified despite someone else’s failure to classify it; or it shouldn’t have been classified then, and shouldn’t be classified now (generally information doesn’t become more sensitive just because it’s aged), and State today is just screwing around with classification to complicate the investigation.