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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Will The FBI Email Investigation Shed New Light On The Lolita Express And Other Clinton Sex Scandals?

Information regarding Clinton ties to Jeffrey Epstein and “the Lolita Express” could be extremely explosive

Could it be possible that the newly discovered Clinton emails that the FBI is currently examining contain evidence of crimes other than just the mishandling of classified documents?

For years, there have been shocking allegations about the sexual behavior of both Bill and Hillary Clinton in the conservative media, but neither Bill nor Hillary has ever been convicted of a sexual crime. However, that may be about to change. There is nobody on the planet that has been closer to Hillary Clinton over the past decade than Huma Abedin, and now the FBI has their hands on approximately 650,000 emails that were stored on electronic devices owned by her and her estranged husband Anthony Weiner. Without a doubt, many of those emails will relate to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified documents, but many of those emails will also be personal in nature. So what will the FBI learn about the Clinton sex scandals from those emails, and will that information be shared with the American public?

In particular, any information regarding Clinton ties to Jeffrey Epstein and “the Lolita Express” could be extremely explosive.



Anonymous said...

There are many layers of an onion. So it is with this story.

If forced to admit something, it will be that these politicians visited the island to engage in sexual behaviors which are illegal in the US. The implication being that they may not be illegal in the Caribbean?

If forced to admit more, it will be that yes, the players on the island are primarily freemasons. After all the sexual proclivities of many freemason halls are widely known already.

If forced to admit even more, it will be that yes, the youngsters being held captive on the island are victims of an international crime syndicate run out of Jerusalem.

But never, will it be revealed that the rituals performed on the island have connections to satanic ritual abuse. And that the players involved in these rituals are in fact members of a secret satanic society which is worldwide in scope and unbelievably powerful. That part of the story will be kept from the MSM at all costs!

And it is absolutely certain that none of the famous so-called Christian Ministers in America will reveal the secrets of this island and its participants. They are completely bought and paid for by the sinister forces who run American politics.

Anonymous said...

Check out Alex Jones and on facebook.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the crisis if Hillary has to withdraw, Trump will not be a lone candidate as there are 2 others running for president. It will throw the DNC in to crisis with having no presidential nominee!