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Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Looters vs. the Looted

From the conclusion of my earlier post on the topic:

It is the state against the people; it is the stakeholders against the subjects. Significant power and wealth and militarization and a massive overt and covert “security” apparatus are on one side, and significant anger and frustration is growing on the other side.

Returning to Lincoln’s speech:

In my opinion, it will not cease, until a crisis shall have been reached, and passed.

We know what came a few years after Lincoln’s speech, the last time the house was so divided.

Broken Promises

It seems to me that the “subjects” obliviously (or otherwise) remain settled as long as they view that their standard of living can be maintained and gradually improved; they will defer to the “stakeholders” as long as the promises (go to college & get a job, secure retirement, social / welfare programs, etc.) made by the stakeholders to the subjects are kept.


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