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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Since 2014 The US Has Added 547,000 Waiters And Bartenders And Lost 36,000 Manufacturing Workers

As another month passes, the great schism inside the American labor force get wider. We are referring to the unprecedented divergence between the total number of high-paying manufacturing jobs, and minimum-wage food service and drinking places jobs, also known as waiters and bartenders. In October, according to the BLS, while the number of people employed by "food services and drinking places" rose by another 10,000, the US workforce lost another 9,000 manufacturing workers.

The chart below puts this in context: since 2014, the US had added 547,000 waiters and bartenders, and has lost 36,000 manufacturing workers.

Yet while we would be the first to congratulate the new American waiter and bartender class, something does not smell quite right. On one hand, there has been a spike in recent restaurant bankruptcies or mass closures (Logan's, Fox and Hound, Bob Evans), which has failed to reflect in the government report.

On the other hand, as the National Restaurant Association's Restaurant performance activity index showed last month, overall industry sentiment is the worst since the financial crisis, due to declines in both same-store sales and customer traffic, suggesting that restaurant workers should now be in the line of fire for mass layoffs.



Anonymous said...

For those naysayers who don't believe illegal or legal immigrants are taking jobs from American citizens, you had better open your eyes. A couple of days ago I was driving on East Main Street in Fruitland, MD, and passed two different job sites. The road construction crew I observed consisted of three Hispanic males. I did not observe any other black or white workers. The second job site was that of three Hispanic males replacing a roof. I did not observe any other black or white workers. Both of these job sites were within 1/10th of a mile of each other. This is only a microcosm of what is occurring across the country.
The government does not care. Every politician in office for the last 10-15 years is guilty of letting it occur.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of democrat policies

Anonymous said...

Because everyone that had lost their jobs wants a drink. Obama has messed their chances up for a good job

Anonymous said...

6:26 what good jobs? All I see are more franchise restaurants going up. I am not sure how anyone thinks that is a good thing. More low paying jobs, where the employees are subsidized with taxpayer money on welfare and food stamps
There are no good paying jobs here.