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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Muslims protest new TV show ‘Mogadishu Minnesota’

'Thou shalt not tell the truth about Islam'

An Oscar-winning Hollywood producer is being slammed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations for filming a pilot TV series about Somali refugees in Minneapolis.

The pilot series, titled “Mogadishu Minnesota,” documents the challenges of life in America faced by Somali refugees and touches on the issue of the Somali community’s well-documented problems with being fodder for jihadist recruiters. Dozens have gone off to fight for ISIS in Syria and Iraq and al-Shabab in Somalia.

But many Muslims in Minnesota say the film could stoke “Islamophobia” by perpetuating negative stereotypes, Reuters reported.

The backlash to “Mogadishu, Minnesota” started last year after early reports on the show, which the Hollywood Reporter said in December 2015 was titled “the Recruiters.”



Anonymous said...

Move to a muslim country.

Anonymous said...

lol by showing and educating the rest of amerika what these idolators molesters and criminals actually believe inflames negative stereotypes? aint that pretty. send them all back to their turd world countries. wonder how many are here on the dole?

Anonymous said...

Please stop generalizing people. For your information it was underground hip-hop, mainly performed by artist who are both Muslim and Socialist/Anarchist leaning, that made me an activist for Ron Paul and Libertarianism. I disagreed with them of commerce because I gained an understanding of Austrian economics, but on foreign policy, civil rights, criminal justice, campaign finance reform, nationalism, government over-reach and many other issues we are in complete agreement with one another.
I want you to check out these songs on YouTube. I have learned more about history and the way the world really works from these guys than I did in K-12 education. Even if you think you hate hip-hop please listen because this is nothing like what you here on the radio.
KRino- The Plan
Brother Ali- Uncle Sam Goddamn (explicit)
Immortal technique- Rich man's world (explicit)
You won't agree with everything they say, but I think you will be amazed how much we do agree. We can change this World but only together.

Anonymous said...

2:23, your drugs are better than mine, but I don't want any of yours! OMG, you need to get back under that rock! Nighty Night!