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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Filmmaker asks white liberals how voter ID laws are racist, and it’s an utter failure


Anonymous said...

Wow Liberals think black people are too dumb.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should have to show an ID to vote. We all have to show them for everything else. And if those white kids truly believe what they were saying then I agree, they are ignorant. You need an i.d. to get a library card, but go to the library and there are a bunch of black people on the computers on the internet. Most people have smart phones with internet. You can't open a checking account without an i.d., you can't drink or buy alcohol without an i.d., no cigarettes without an i.d. We need i.d. for everything today. I think we most definitely should have to show i.d. to vote and I think that the licenses that are given to illegal aliens should clearly state "non citizen" or something because now even if they were asked to show i.d. to vote they could because they now have a license.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Hillary and the liberals are the racist ones not Trump.