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Saturday, November 05, 2016

US Economy Continues to Weaken As Warning Signs Flash Recession Ahead

The US economy continues to show weakening conditions as new warning signs are flashing recession ahead. This is despite the best efforts of the FED and the US Government to ensure there is plenty of measures in place to continue to stimulate the economy.

Over the last few weeks we have received several economic announcements on the US economy, with a few positive or better than expected results. However the vast majority of announcements have been poor or woeful as the economic data continues to show further weakness within the economy.

US Q3 GDP - A Convenient Smokescreen

I know what your thinking, hang on a minute on Friday we had a first look at US Q3 GDP and the result was positive and even beat expectations. This is correct GDP came in at 2.9% beating expectations of 2.5% and smashing last quarter's result of 1.4%.

However I find the result convenient and timely considering there is an election in less than 2 weeks time. The second and third estimate for GDP could see considerable revisions lower after the election has ended.


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