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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Elementary students suspended for having Kool-Aid, sugar mixture called ‘happy crack’

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) — Some parents in Dorchester County are furious after nine students at Eagles Nest Elementary School were suspended for violating a school drug policy.

The problem parents say is the children weren't caught with drugs. They were accused of having sugar mixed with Kool-Aid in their possession.

ABC News 4 spoke with one parent Tuesday who said her child's infraction was reduced during an expulsion hearing at the district office. The child is now on a probationary status with the district and will be able to return to school Thursday.

"We called the school board, and they expedited the hearing to Tuesday," said one woman whose son was suspended. "So, today was the expulsion hearing. All the students were put up for expulsion for having Kool-Aid and sugar which was called "happy crack".

The woman said she didn't even know what "happy crack" was when school officials called her last week to say her son was being suspended.

"The way she called me, I thought my son died," she said. "She said there's this epidemic going on at school with happy crack. I Googled it. I'm like Kool-Aid and sugar, are you serious? I was appalled. I was floored. I really didn't think it would go to this extreme."



Anonymous said...

Let me guess its racist?

Anonymous said...

It's the RESPONSIBILITY of the parent to no what is in the handbook. It's the RESPONSIBILITY of the parent to no what the child is bringing to school. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the parent to track down the person who taught their 10 year old how to package and sell fake drugs.

Anonymous said...

That's obamas favorite drink

Anonymous said...

I agree. That is exactly what I was thinking after I read this story.

Anonymous said...

What are these people teaching their children?

Happy crack?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. We did that in the 60's with a paper cup in our school lunch box or bag.With adding water from the drinking fountain, we could drink more Kool-Ade than would fit pre mixed.

Anonymous said...

So, kids could break apart one of those straws (Pixie straws?) filled with what's pretty much sugar and Kool-Aid-like flavoring and what came out would be okay. But if they gave it a name that sounded like the name of an illicit substance, they'd be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

It is the responsibility of every poster to know the difference between no and know.