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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Unconventional Baltimore school gives students control

The school day kicks off with a jam session at the arts and ideas Sudbury School in north Baltimore.

Band practice could last all day there, because there is no curriculum. The 59 students at the private school direct their own time.

"The kids create their own structure and that's something that they're going to carry with them throughout their entire life," said Caroline Chavasse, with A.I. Sudbury School.

Chavasse founded the school nine years ago on the Sudbury Valley Model, which calls for schools to operate democratically. Students and staff have an equal vote on everything from spending decisions to hiring, firing and disciplinary action.



Anonymous said...

They will have unstructured time right up until they are incarcerated and then it will be totally structured time.

Anonymous said...

Wow someone is paying 6000 for this crap.Amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think i will tart a free reign tuition will be 15000.00 a year per kid. No need food curriculum,teachers,and books. I will make a killing.

Anonymous said...

Time for the staff to pay the students to go there, after all, running a school should be a paid position. What does the staff do all day, sleep at their desks?