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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Carson Calls on Media to Hold National Summit On How to Provide Fair Coverage

Former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has called on the mainstream media to hold a national summit to discuss how to provide fair coverage.

Carson told Fox News that “the media is the only business that is protected by our constitution. They are supposed to be on the side of the people, they are not supposed to be distorting the information that they give in order to put forth a particular view point or an ideology and that is what they are doing.”

Carson emphasized that the purpose of the summit should be “to come up with some rules. And they need to abide by those rules. And we need to make those rules public, because I think most of them don't even know the rules any more. And that's why they act the way they do.”

He reiterated that he would be happy to work with media, explaining that already, “Every time I see a young journalist anywhere, I talk to them about the role of the media. And I say, maybe you can be the new wave. You can bring some integrity back to honorable profession and it can be done and it must be done. Because it is essential to the well-being of our country.”



Anonymous said...

Good luck with that ! First you would have to get rid of all the anchors and editors of the MSM .

Anonymous said...

I really think Carson is one sharp person! Trump is smart enough to listen to Mr. Carson and tap into his ideas, he will be a real asset to our President Elect!!!!!!

bob pinto said...

yeah, and back in the 1940's when Harry Truman was introduced to Henry Luce of Time-Life fame , Harry said,

"Mr Luce, a man like you must have trouble sleeping at night because it is your duty to inform the public, and you misinform them."

Anonymous said...

Fair? Not as long as ratings and money are tied together. Just ask Rachel Madcow!


Anonymous said...

Hope this happens!