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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pennsylvania Leads Way In Visitor Zip Codes, Survey Confirms

OCEAN CITY — Tourism officials this month reviewed the results of the zip code collection efforts conducted to determine where the resorts visitors are coming from and the report contained no real surprises.

The Tourism Committee, as it does annually, reviewed the results of a summer-long survey of a large segment of the visitors to the resort, providing a snapshot of pertinent information including how often they come, how long they stay and perhaps more importantly where they are coming from. Throughout last summer, visitors were asked to submit their home zip code information at various locations including the Visitors Center, the Chamber of Commerce, the convention center, Boardwalk kiosks and one rental company that agreed to participate.

The results were not surprising, but rather predictable, revealing most visitors continue to come from areas closest to Ocean City. For example, among those who participated in the zip code collection, 38 percent came from Pennsylvania, while 35 percent came from Maryland. The next largest segments in descending order were Virginia, New York, New Jersey Delaware and Ohio.



Anonymous said...

Fair comparison to previous efforts - eh?
Demo-flush ring a bell?

Keep trying Tourism Committee...keep on trying!

Anonymous said...

all that white trash up and down the beach! figured as much!