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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The last Democratic president?

President Barack Obama told reporters Sunday that he's not concerned he might be the last Democratic president.

But the president, speaking to reporters at an economic cooperation summit in Lima, did acknowledge the Democratic Party has some soul-searching to do.

"I am not worried about being the last Democratic president … not even for a while," Obama said during a press conference. "And I say that not being cute — the Democratic nominee won the popular vote, and obviously this is an extremely competitive race, and I would expect that future races will be competitive."

Earlier this year, when a Donald Trump victory still seemed a long shot, former President George W. Bush said he feared he would be the last Republican president. The comments prompted a Fox News reporter to ask Obama on Sunday if he felt the same way about his party, now that the tables have turned and that Republicans control all three branches of the federal government, nearly two-thirds of state legislatures, and more than 30 governorships.

"I certainly think it's true that politics in America right now are a little bit up for grabs. That some of the old alignments in both parties, Democrat and Republican, are being reshaped," Obama said. "Democrats do have to do some thinking about how do we make sure that the message we have is received effectively and results in winning elections."



Anonymous said...

Bush and Obama might both be right. Withch is a win for the people.

Anonymous said...

But I thought it was the Republican Party that was dead??? I am confused

Anonymous said...

Obama killed that party. He killed it with Obamacare, when he told the democrat congressmen to pass the bill and "let the voters decide" if they did the right thing. Well the voters did decide, by turning congress over to the republicans in the following election. The demise of the democrat party is all Obama's fault. Do you think he would man up and take any responsibility? Hell no, he won't. He won't even admit that he and his policies had anything to do with it. History is not going to treat him or his presidency very kindly.

Anonymous said...

We need both parties to be relevant so the American people have a real choice.But of course the people need to be educated on real American history and not some leftist BS that teaches young people to hate their own country.