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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Norway Slashes Clinton Foundation Donations By 87% As Political Clout Dries Up

For months we've been told that the Clinton Foundation, and it's various subsidiaries, were simple, innocent "charitable" organizations, despite the mountain of WikiLeaks evidence to the contrary. Well, if that is, in fact, true perhaps the Clintons could explain why wealthy foreign governments, like Norway, are suddenly slashing their contributions now that Hillary's political clout has been erased?

As the Norwegian newspaper Hegnar points out, Norway is expected to slash their contributions to the Clinton Foundation by 87% now that Hillary has lost the presidency. After contributing roughly $5mm per year to the Clinton Foundation between 2007 - 2013, the Norwegian government decided to boost their donations to ~$15mm and ~$21mm in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Ironically, that boost in contributions corresponded with Hillary's decision to run for President in 2016...but we're sure it's just a coincidence. That said, it is fairly interesting that, since Hillary's loss, Norway has decided to scale back their contributions by 87% in 2017...hmmm.



Anonymous said...

Watch for other contributions to the Clinton Foundation drop significantly too. So much for doing so much good around the world. It only proves they were getting money from foreign nations to pay back favors, thinking she would be elected. Thank God enough voters read and believed the e-mails released by Wiki-Leaks. We all need to make a contribution on his behalf in our year-end giving.

Anonymous said...

Grease up Robert.

Anonymous said...

Why is any Government contributing anything and if they are cutting their donations 87% that means they are still donating 13%

Anonymous said...

13% of the world population is just plain stupid

lmclain said...

Prepaid bribes.
And since she can't deliver any "favors" now, those bribes are drying up.
Extremely fast.
But.....they weren't really bribes, right?
Keep cheering.
And thank God every day that this Mafia queen didn't a chance to return all the favors she had likely promised.