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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The real story behind Hillary's reckless failure to protect classified information

With the Clinton campaign now openly gloating over Sunday’s FBI announcement, I remain disheartened that the national media is missing the real story: the truly Marie Antoinette-like manner in which Mrs. Clinton discharged national security responsibilities other than her duty to keep classified information off an unsecure personal server.

Antoinette, as you may recall, was the 18th century French monarch deposed and executed for living an opulent lifestyle while her people starved. I am not suggesting that the same fate befall Mrs. Clinton. But, like Ms. Antoinette’s public displays of disdain for her subjects, Mrs. Clinton’s decision to jeopardize national security by using a homebrew email server while Secretary of State is only the tip of the iceberg.

I reviewed all 347 pages of the FBI’s report on Mrs. Clinton through my lens as an attorney representing American service members, intelligence personnel, and diplomats accused of similar misconduct. In it, I found countless instances in which Mrs. Clinton and her team egregiously violated longstanding and well-publicized rules regarding the protection of classified information. These weren’t exceptions or inadvertent mistakes like those made by most of my clients; they were willful and recurring acts of sheer arrogance that evidence a disdain for the rules the rest of us are expected to follow.


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