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Tuesday, November 08, 2016


On our recent day trip to Snow Hill, MD, we were pleasantly surprised by just how much the town has to offer! In our first article on the town, we provided some fun facts on the town’s history. More recently, we compared Shad Landing and Milburn Landing in the Pocomoke River State Park for the outdoorsmen on The Shore. However, we cannot forget about the shopping enthusiasts out there. In this department, Snow Hill also, does not disappoint! Read below for more information on Shopping in Snow Hill, MD.

Walking through downtown Snow Hill, the streets are lined with art galleries and shops. If you’re a fan of high end, one-of-a-kind pieces of art, there is something for you. If you prefer rustic decor and wall art, then you sure won’t be disappointed. And, if you prefer vintage pieces and antiques, the town has plenty of antique stores to browse. As we walked along, we popped our heads in a few of the stores to say “hi” and learn more. All of the shop owners were so nice and more than happy to share their stories with us:

It’s no secret that the ShoreBread team loves a good cup of coffee so our first stop was to The Daily Brew Coffeehouse. Having only been open for a few months, it was easy to see that the spot had quickly become quite popular. The attendant behind the counter shared that the cafe was initially only going to serve breakfast but grew in popularity so rapidly, that they had to immediately add a lunch menu. The coffeehouse serves up fantastic sandwiches and baked goods. You can check them out here on Facebook.



Anonymous said...

Sorry, the family and I drove thru Snow Hill this past week looking for something to spark our interest. Didn't see anything and could not even get the wife to pull over so I just pulled in to get gas at some place overtaken by bees and moved on to Pocomoke City.

Anonymous said...

They, too have no parking meters, so tourists can spend the day enjoying the Downtown without fearing a parking fine.

Funny how Berlin is 100% full on storefronts and expanding, Cambridge & Easton all have flourishing Downtowns with no parking meters.

I just can't seem to figure out how Salisbury is so vacant Downtown?

Anonymous said...

Maybe no parking meters but, what's the DRAW? Pocomoke also has problems but does have the SYSCO Cash & Carry and a good seafood reseller nearby. The only way I found about the seafood reseller was from a Cook who lives there but works in OC. I mean, $20/doz #1 hard crawls and $6 crab cakes? Good prices on soft shells too. Of course, the season is winding down everywhere.

Anonymous said...

The draw is for people with real jobs and money, not a penny pincher looking for day old baked goods. There are shops, bars and restaurants in Snow Hill, Cambridge, Easton etc.