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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Hillary Clinton Issue

For nine years I have written about Barack Obama's ineligibility to possess the office of President of the United States. He has used lies, disception and even silence to avoid having his ineligibility exposed. Truth has no place in his defense. Now, we are seeing a similar situation unfolded in the person of Hillary Clinton.

Nineteen months after the shameful debacle in Benghazi in which the U. S. Ambassador and three others were slaughtered Hillary Clinton when testifying as to any personal responsibility on her part for their deaths, insulted her questioner by claiming the past nineteen months made the issue now irrelevant. Irrelevant? Since when, have American lives become subject to murderous termination when a Secretary of State simply chooses not to act on calls for assistance which may be able to save their lives.

Another example of Hillary Clinton's non-concern for the safety of fellow Americans -- without notifying the Government she had an email operation installed in her home secretly. This was against the law, and when her secrecy was later exposed, lied by claiming it was only used for personal transmissions which in no way would endanger Goverment security -- a bald-faced lie when it was later identified as having been used to include Government classified emails which might have endangered our Nation's security. She then claimed she might have been mistaken. This was no mistake. She duped the Nation, was caught and lied her way out of conviction with the help of a subservient FBI.

Hillary Clinton also derided Donald Trump for verbally speaking about his possible treatment of women, yet she never mentioned her husband's actual physical mistreatment of women. There is a tremendous difference between the thoughts of one and the actual actions of the other.

Hillary Clinton constantly speaks of Donald Trump's low regard for women, yet he employs more women at high salaries and positions than she could ever imagine.

Hillary Clinton praised Planned Parenthood often, yet during one Presidential debate, she omitted any mention of the millions of children being killed, many even up to the moment of birth. Repeatedly, when Donald Trump mentioned them, her silence was deafening -- SHADES OF OBAMA.

In conclusion when Donald Trump decried the inflow of illegal foreigners (not vetted,) the overall media representatives omitted the word "illegal" when quoting him. To vilify Donald Trump she echoed their omission. I trust this letter may help others understand why my vote will not be for Hillary Clinton.


Anonymous said...

I pray for the day when Hillary and Bill become irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Our future has little hope if Hillary wins.