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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

College Park Refunds Hundreds of Erroneous Citations

WJLA has reported that the City of College Park issued 685 erroneous speed camera citations which will now need to be refunded.

Motorists had received citations in September from a speed camera located on Baltimore Avenue (rt 1) in College Park for violating the 25mph speed limit. However the speed camera was in fact located before the 25mph speed limit sign and was actually within the 30mph zone.

College Park initially agreed to refund 5 citations from motorists who had complained about the citations. However two weeks after being contacted by a reporter from WJLA, the city agreed to refund 685 tickets.



Anonymous said...

Most of these cameras dont work and send bad tickets and people just pay i got 8 just from one near zoo took to court and got thrown out 8 within a 2 month period they all should be pulled if a cop doesnt catch you legitly actually speeding thats how it should be period waste of tax dollars

Anonymous said...

How did you get it thrown out? Wifey got one there and is taking it to court.

Anonymous said...

The one in Fruitland on Division is set at 25 MPH in a 30 zone. I took it to court and had to pay 40 plus 20 court costs.