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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Brazile Sent More Debate Questions To Clinton

Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile has already lost her contributor contract with CNN for leaking questions from a CNN town hall to the Clinton campaign. Monday night’s WikiLeaks release of emails from the personal account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta reveals Brazile sent even more questions ahead of the event, one that went to Hillary Clinton, the other was asked of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

On the day before the event, Brazile sent the following under the heading “UNIONS.”

Secretary Clinton, yesterday in St. Louis, you spoke at carpenters and others “who built this nation.” Both you and Senator Sanders depend on big union support. President Obama pushed for a massive infrastructure bill that would mean millions of jobs for in this area. Yet many of these trade unions have locked out Blacks and other minorities for years. Will you call a meeting with them before November, and if you win, when you are president, to demand that the trade unions stop freezing Blacks and others from these good paying jobs?

The official transcript of the town hall on CNN’s website has Roland Martin, one of the moderators, saying:



Anonymous said...

Gotta love how Brazile LIED to Megyn Kelly by calling herself a Christian and then LIED again saying she didn't hand over debate questions. Now she's been caught 3 more times. Typical black. Lies without shame about being a Christian. Most are no more Christian then Hitler was and if they claim otherwise they are just doing that lying they do constantly again.

Anonymous said...

How is Clinton allowed to run considering the evidence?! It's not right.

Anonymous said...

Because 12:17 there isn't a democrat alive who is an honest person. They all lie constantly.