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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

JULIAN ASSANGE: ‘Here Is What Will Happen On Election Day’

BOOM. GOES. THE. DYNAMITE! This is why he is waiting until Election Day…

In a speed-reading miracle, FBI Director James Comey and his agents somehow reviewed around 650,000 emails in only a few days. It is a miracle that should go into the Guinness Book of World Records, right?

Or, perhaps the system is rigged, and corruption from the top down, including the Department of Justice, is trying to prevent the truth from coming out.

Most Americans, and most of the world, for that matter, believe that the justice system is corrupt.

Julian Assange shares that belief and he has a plan for what to do about it on Election Day. The FBI may sit on the truth, but Assange and WikiLeaks will not.

The Mainstream Media has been quiet on the damning information in the WikiLeaks database so far. No surprise.

The Clinton Campaign has tried to tie Assange, and Donald Trump, to the Russian Government. That particular lie has not resonated well with anyone.



Anonymous said...

Clearly nothing happened, nothing was going to happen and all of this was to make you look over here instead of over there... It is all planned and he is a plant...

Anonymous said...

Tell me what should we be looking at?

Anonymous said...

You habe a gov that was able to track and make use of data from millions of phone calls across the US. Yet you think its not hard in 2016 to use tech to investigate emails? And you wonder why companies arent flocking to the eastern shore to create jobs for skilled labor. Ha ha

Anonymous said...

Anything damning should have been released a week ago. Now WikiLeaks is under cyberattack so info may be limited or late coming for election result changes. Let's just hope many more motivated Trump supporters get out to vote for change to outnumber all others.