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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Donald Trump's secret, armed, army

Enthusiastic gun owners will vote to retain their safety

As the country races to the finish line marked by the November 8 election day, media pundits, pollsters and operatives for both the Democratic and Republican parties appear to have overlooked a secret weapon about to be unleashed. That weapon, which will appear at the polls, is the army of enthusiastic gun owners found everywhere, but particularly in the swing states.

These aren’t the flannel-clad coterie of hunters who traditionally lean to the right, but who tend to be almost blase about the outcome of elections, believing that their hunting guns won’t attract the attention of the Clinton gun-ban machine she has promised to unleash. (They may want to research the “Australian model” Hillary Clinton said we should consider for the United States, where hunters’ semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and their pump-action “hunting” shotguns were confiscated from law-abiding citizens who faced prison if they didn’t “voluntarily” turn in their guns.) No, this army of gun owners is something new, something younger, something unrecognizable to Democrats, and it’s very much motivated to preserve the right to have guns for personal safety.

Ah. There it is. Personal safety. Not hunting. Not target shooting. Not collecting. More than twelve million Americans have jumped through the hoops and paid the money to get carry permits, and all reports show that fully a third of those getting those permits are women. Yes, women. Carrying guns. To protect themselves and their children. The motivation is as personal as it gets — to stay alive and protect offspring, because these women know that the police will not be there when they need them. The assault, abduction, or whatever, will be over before the police arrive.


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Shavoxjohn said...

Mr. Trump, soon to be our president-elect, is in favor of nation concealed carry. If passed, that may be the death of Maryland's ridiculous wear, carry rules. As with L.E.O.S.A. (Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act) you won't need a Maryland permit to carry.