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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Why is College So Expensive?

From $3,400 in 1980 to $23,000 today, the average cost of a year of college has increased much faster than the average American’s income. The reason? Government-funded student loans drive up demand, which incentivizes colleges and universities to charge much more than they would if the average American had to pay for it out of his or her own pocket. Watch this week’s video on business and economics here and learn how yet another well-intentioned government program actually hurts the people it is supposed to help.


Anonymous said...

Then there's the bloat of college and university administration, with a dean or VP for everything imaginable, and the hiring practices that create new positions (mostly paper, mostly overpaid) for spouses of newly hired teaching and administrative staff.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't help that the American public school system produces undereducated students requiring "required" classes when they go to college. Paying for something your kids should have learned in high school.

Anonymous said...

The University of Maryland system is filled with wives and husbands who came as part of the deal when their spouses were hired to teach or administrate. It's a big problem over the bridge, but one that's overlooked by the liberals.