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Saturday, October 08, 2016

No credible threat found after curious Instagram posting

An Instagram post referencing a vague threat directed toward a specific class and time created a flurry of comments, posts and concern that ended up going nowhere.

On Wednesday, an unidentified individual, said to be a student of Stephen Decatur High School using the handle “timmy.the.shooter,” made the following statement online: “Have fun in Mr. Kohl’s class tomorrow 2nd period be safe.”

Carrie Sterrs, schools spokeswoman, said while it was determined that the threat was not credible, “the safety and well being of every student is a top priority, so an increased police presence was requested at the school as a precaution.”


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Anonymous said...

No related to this post, but a lady was mugged in the Food Lion parking lot on Tilghman Road last night. Thankfully she was not hurt. Guy took off with her purse. Crazy people in this world, please be safe everyone!!