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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Sessions: Senate Must Investigate FBI’s ‘Breathtaking’ Destruction of Evidence, Immunity to Cheryl Mills

Sen. Jeff Sessions tells radio talk show Howie Carr he’s lost confidence in FBI Director James B. Comey Jr.

The Alabama Republican adds that he thinks the Senate should investigate how the FBI granted immunity to Clinton Foundation director Cheryl Mills and destroyed evidence under congressional subpoena.

“I was a U.S. attorney and an assistant U.S. attorney before that and I have been through a lot of these issues,” Sessions says.

Sessions said when he was a Department of Justice lawyer, he worked regularly with FBI agents and he was always impressed by their professionalism and their apolitical approach to their work.

“I love the FBI,” he said.

But, now after witnessing the extraordinary handling of evidence, witnesses involved in the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email scheme and her handling of classified electronic correspondence, he is forced to reassess, he said.

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