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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Mass. National Guard, State Police raid 81-year-old woman's home to seize pot plant

AMHERST, Mass. - The Massachusetts National Guard and State Police reportedly joined forces to seize a single marijuana plant from an 81-year-old woman.

According to the Daily Hampshire Gazette, Margaret Holcomb had been growing the marijuana plant as a medicine. She reportedly used the marijuana to ease her arthritis and glaucoma and to help her sleep at night.

The paper reports that the plant had been growing on Holcomb's property in a raspberry patch. It was reportedly separated from her neighbors by a fence.

On September 21, a military-style helicopter and police arrived at Holcomb's home, entered her backyard and cut down the plant, theDaily Hampshire Gazette reports.

Holcomb was not home at the time, but her son and daughter were.The paper reports that Holcomb did not have a medical marijuana card. Police said the plant was in plain view.

Holcomb told the paper that she feels like her civil rights were violated and said she's ready to stand up in the case.



Anonymous said...

Another shining example of a liberal dominated state. Harsh gun laws and oppressive government. I hate liberals.

Anonymous said...

This is an absurd overstepping by law enforcement, and one that cost the taxpayers easily $100,000, not including court appearances and administrative time, to seize one plant from an 81 year old woman. Who is the victim here?

Anonymous said...

The taxpayers are the victim. You nailed it.

lmclain said...

4:38.... A huge number of police are former military, used to kicking down doors, screaming commands, beating anyone who resists, and shooting people who moved too fast.
Now they think they are back in Iraq and 'we, the people" are ALL possible and likely terrorist killers.
Hence a f'ing HELICOPTER to raid an 81 year old woman with ONE marijuana plant.
The sheriff could have went there after work in his own car, told her what he was there for, went out back and yanked the plant out of the ground, telling her don't grow pot or she will go to jail the next time and, very likely, that's all that would be needed.
But what storm trooper doesn't still want to jump out of a copter in full battle rattle and look for someone to shoot???
They SHOULD have went next door and beat the crap out of the busy-body neighbors who just couldn't resist calling the police to show what "goot ci-di-zens" they were.....stopping crime and all that.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Idiot! It's us conservatives who are stopping pot legalization! We're the ones pro cop- ,pro pharma, anti drug unless it's prescribed.

Anonymous said...

6:48 PM Stay Calm and Continue to Blog. I've never met a conservative that was pro-pharma. The same people making us sick are selling us drugs at class crushing prices. Since when do conservatives enjoy military involvement on 81 year old citizens. I think you're full of it.

Anonymous said...

Thank Ronald Regan for the war on drugs....

Anonymous said...

I was talking about Mass. Sorry to confuse you with facts. Mass. is a liberal dominated state. And by the way..stopping the pot legalization is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. 110% right

Anonymous said...

There are more and more of us conservatives who see the folly of the impotent and ridiculously expensive "war on drugs", especially when it comes to marijuana.
I'm surprised that the team of National Guard and State Police officers and enlisted didn't have a PR pose with that single plant in front of them.