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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Because A College Edumication Is That Important These Days

Liberals today want Americans to believe a college education is a must. The image above was taken by a friend of mine who lives in Florida and was in the direct path of the hurricane. His local news wants you to know that "rain creates wet roads". Profound, wouldn't you say. 

Yes, you must have a college degree to get that job. Thank God, (because I don't have a college education) I can depend on book smarts and degrees instead of good old common sense, experience and wisdom. 

However, I'm at a loss. What does snow do to the roads! You know, no college degree and all. 


Anonymous said...

Today's liberal public institutions are a waste of time and money. College graduates are no smarter today than those who graduated high school during my heyday. We learned a trade and have done well to provide for our ourselves and our families. And with no handouts from the government.

Anonymous said...

Can't agree more 6:10.

Anonymous said...

Higher education or higher indoctrination?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure an Eighth Grader could tell you rain makes things wet, and would probably be smart enough to know not to make that a headline. A 1960's Eighth Grader, I mean.

Anonymous said...

7:08 has it right new generations of brainwashed hilter youth. youth for the new world order agenda and evil idealogy