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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Maryland tourism proves to be prosperous

Data shows some success in recalibrating in Ocean City’s advertisement areas

Maryland’s tourism industry is booming and expanding and, judging from the presentation at the Governor’s Economic Development Committee meeting in Ocean City Wednesday, there are many numbers and statistics to prove it.

“Tourism really helps with economic development. Since the great recession, jobs have bounced back in the tourism industry 18 percent, leading all industries in moving forward,” Liz Fitzsimmons, the managing director of the state’s Division of Tourism, Film and the Arts told the breakfast crowd at the Carousel.

She broke down several statistics on the state’s marketing costs and tourism revenue, arguing that the first step of stimulating local economy is to bring people across that threshold for a trip.

“Tourism does provide quality of life assurances, which is really attractive to businesses. When you think about it, economic development starts with a visit, because every business begins there – whether it’s a relocation, an expansion out just starting out,” she said.



Anonymous said...

Stats/data don't lie. Ocean City, how you gonna spin these numbers to show that your season was bad?

Gov Hogan also doesn't lie!

Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines - once farmers and waterman are now bartenders/waiters/cooks and housecleaners to people from other areas with educations and jobs that pay enough for them to vacation on the shore.

Anonymous said...

And how has this created higher paying jobs for locals?