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Saturday, October 08, 2016

OC Man Admits To Operating Meth Lab Out Of Hotel

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man arrested in March after police located a methamphetamine lab in a room at a bayfront hotel at 59th Street pleaded guilty this week and was sentenced to five years, all of which was suspended but the time he spent in jail awaiting trial.

In March, Ocean City Police arrested Andrew Windsor, 29, of Ocean City, for allegedly operating a meth lab in one of the units of the Coconut Malorie Hotel on 59th Street. On Wednesday, Windsor pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess controlled dangerous substance (CDS) production equipment used to manufacture methamphetamine and was sentenced to five years. The judge then suspended all of the sentence but the time Windsor spent in jail awaiting trial, which was a little over six months.

Around 1 p.m. on March 13, Ocean City police and fire personnel responded to the hotel on 59th Street to investigate an individual possibly in possession of materials used to manufacture methamphetamine. OCPD officers responded to a room within the hotel and met with the suspect, identified as Windsor.



Anonymous said...

Ah if I read that right. Sentenced to five years, 4 1/2 suspended, 6 months served, free as a bird, and on to the next location.

What was the point of arresting him?

Anonymous said...

Damn. The government is always trying to stomp out small business start-ups!! LOL.
Windsor....or Weasel?

Anonymous said...

Really pays to be local. This chump and the youngin hittin the poor sap on the bike.

Small penalty and free...WOW

Anonymous said...

If I had my way he would be executed. Just think how many people die in the hand of these businessman. Slap him on his wrist and pick up dead kids in the wake of his no income tax business. Wake up America!

Anonymous said...

Spiking the product will inevitably be the end result.Tens of thousands will die as a result,but that can now be done with 90% accuracy.

Anonymous said...

No rehab ordered? He's a meth head and will be on the prowl for a fix in a heartbeat.