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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Hillary Clinton was told in advance what questions she'd be asked by Steve Harvey

When talk show host Steve Harvey showed his audience a picture of 12-year-old Hillary Clinton during a February taping, the 68-year-old Hillary Clinton sitting across from him feigned surprise.

'Oh boy, oh my goodness,' the former secretary of state said.

But Clinton, according to a campaign strategy memo published by the Washington Free Beacon, which was part of an email given to the website, was fully briefed that this photo and Harvey's questions were coming.



Anonymous said...

Two idiots that get paid to be stupid

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, by golly and how about that!

Hillary does her best to appear human, but she's not equipped to really be.

lmclain said...

AND, as she picked the audience members for questions, she knew those questions, too.
Fake smiles, fake surprise, and now, Harvey has lost all respect.
Whomever comes in contact with her (i.e. Director Comey, her lawyer, her husband, her entire staff, her IT guy, and now Harvey) loses their self-respect and integrity.

Everything they say about her is lies, of course, THIRTY YEARS of people lying on her.
Harvey should be ashamed for perpetrating that scam.
Keep cheering.

Zorro said...

Who the hell watches TV anymore?

Anonymous said...

Two liberals that both hate white people.