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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Wicomico, Worcester Improve Standardized Testing Scores

BERLIN – The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) released last year’s testing scores last week, showing strong improvements for both Wicomico and Worcester county students.

These students, grades three through eight and high school, are tested on their English Language Arts (ELA), English 10 and math skills and are placed among the five levels of college and career readiness.

These levels range from one, did not meet expectations, to five, exceeding expectations.

All schools within Wicomico County improved its testing scores for fifth and seventh-grade math and sixth- grade ELA.

Overall, Wicomico County made significant gains greater than or equal to five percentage points in third through eighth grade math, and fourth, sixth, seventh and 10th grade ELA and English.



Anonymous said...

Where's all the praise for Wicomico? Always get criticized when scores go down. Looking at all scores across the state, WCBOE is in the middle which is a big improvement. Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Better scores usually happens when you create a test that is designed to close the gap between the above average and below average students. I think a better indication of just how well our children are learning would be the SRI and SMI scores. From what I hear the students in primary school are having a real hard time meeting their Student learning objectives.

Anonymous said...

SMI is a joke. It tells us nothing. Waste of money. SRI tells much more.