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Thursday, September 29, 2016


What I'm about to tell you is only the facts - historical facts, not rumors, not hearsay just plan undeniable facts.

(This is just a small percentage of a much longer list )

Of the two candidates running for president...

Only Hillary Clinton was caught lying to congress.

Only Hillary Clinton was fired from a job for being unethical.

Only Hillary Clinton deleted 30 some thousand emails after she was ordered to hand them over to the Fed.

Only Hillary Clinton had that same computer wiped clean by professionals.

Only Hillary Clinton got the rapist of a teenage girl off on rape charges then laughed about it.

Only Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about Benghazi.

Only Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about her emails.

Only Hillary Clinton lied about being under sniper fire.

Only Hillary Clinton lied about lying to the American people.

Only Hillary Clinton was involved in " Cash Cow "

Only Hillary Clinton has a long list of scandals.

Only Hillary Clinton nationally belittled her husband's sexual harassment ( and rape ) accusers.

Only Hillary Clinton is a career politician.

Only Hillary Clinton will not release her speeches to Goldman Sachs and other banks.

Only Hillary Clinton is tied to Monsanto.

Only Hillary Clinton was labeled " Extremely careless " about national security by the FBI !

Only Hillary Clinton said she will raise taxes on the middle class.

Only Hillary Clinton benefited from the DNC rigging an election !

Only Hillary Clinton had to return stolen items from the White House.

Only Hillary Clinton said the Benghazi victims parents where lying.

Only Hillary Clinton wants you to vote for her based on her gender.

Only Hillary Clinton has no real accomplishments after a lifetime in politics.

Only Hillary Clinton has never created any jobs.

Only Hillary Clinton has been investigated by the FBI and found to have put national security at risk.

Only Hillary Clinton has had two or more movies and several documentaries made about her questionable ethics.

Only Hillary Clinton was called "Broomstick one" by the SS.

Only Hillary Clinton made congress and others spend millions and millions of tax dollars having hearings and investigating her to find that she lied, that would not have been spent if she would of simply told the truth in the first place ! Fact - all facts !

Only Hillary Clinton regularly cussed out and belittled her SS detail.

Only Hillary Clinton Only Hillary Clinton Only Hillary Clinton over and over again.

But you are going to vote for her because.... you don't like Donald Trump ? That is insane !

I will never understand how any moral person in good conscience could vote for this woman.

(This is just a small percentage of a much longer list )


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable how she is even allowed to run for office.

Anonymous said...

Well, she did create some jobs, her personal staff ones that pay women less than men.

Anonymous said...

She did promise 200,000 jobs to Upstate New York when senator. And in the end, nearly 9,000 jobs disappeared. Nice work, Hil.

Anonymous said...

It's way higher then 9k. I bet at least 3000 farms went under. Poverty stricken location. People in upstate and central ny had everything riding on her promise she did nothing. Didn't even return letters from starving people that rallied for her. She is a total pos.

Anonymous said...

1:38 - If those in upstate had everything riding on her and voted for her then they got what they got their way. Hillary was the same person then - I knew it and was not even in NY. As Obama has said, elections have consequences. They voted for her, I do not feel sorry for them. Now everyone needs to remember elections have consequences in November. I bet those in NY vote for Hillary again.

Anonymous said...

She wants to increase inheritance taxes too. More family farms will be going up for auction.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Clintions are Teflon Nothing Sticks

Anonymous said...

There are men Who say she molested them

Remember that Fly who landed on her on TV at the last Debate

She is the Devil

Anonymous said...

Flys Stick to the Devil (Hillary) Teflon or Not

Anonymous said...

She is all for Aborting Babies in the ninth month of term

Women should Not Vote for her knowing this from last debate Nor should Anyone Vote for her

Plus she against Catholic Church she is Crazy
Not Fit to be President of Any Country

Anonymous said...

The system is Rigged by her and Bill so Chill

She has already won according to news on tv

All those who vote for her You will get just what you
deserve a Ruined country Too bad the rest of us
have to suffer because of you and your Vote

Pick another woman it don't have to be her guess you
don't care all she has done or right from wrong

Anonymous said...

Get on the Trump Train use your Brain

Anonymous said...

Bill likes a "Nasty Girl" Nasty Hillary !!!

Anonymous said...

Blame Bill he created a Monster (Hillary) when he ran
out with all those women
Just think when they are again in the White House with
all his running around and Training Interns > she will
turn into a Female Hitler !!!

Anonymous said...

Latest is the Polls are even Now on news
Maybe Hillary will LOOSE the election and in for BIG
surprise when she does

Votes matter Not Polls wait and see

and if the corrupt Electoral College don't follow what
the people (public) vote is then it should be done away with for good and Only go by the Public Vote

Anonymous said...

Good Job Wikileaks
Keep it coming more facts to Unwrap Hillary and Bill
Rigged system is coming down at long last when Trump WINS
We Votors see right through all that Obama and Hillary did
All right on the news now
How can Anyone ever Vote for Hillary after all she has done
One would have to be just as bad as she is and not care

Anonymous said...

It's a Shame how many must not care ....they still eat her
up her and Bill are still Rock Stars

Alot of sick people still voting for her Despite all she
has done How will USA look to the world ...putting
her in WH ??

Like Trump says ... What have you got to loose Voting for
him ??? Democrats have ruined this country ... she is only More of Obama and Bill or worse .....Wake Up

Anonymous said...

Hillary has Bought the Electoral College
That's why she Already has the votes needed to get WH
That's why there should be No Electoral College (nothing
but other politicians) because They Are Bought and Paid
Why even go on anymore with the election Hype... The News
already says she has won the Electoral College numbers needed ??? Just say she has Won and get it over with....
Even if USA votors have more votes for Trump he still can't
get elected because he don't have the Electoral votes...

Anonymous said...

Who votes for Hillary IS just as bad as she is ....

Anonymous said...

Don't vote by just Party > Vote for the Right Person
would you vote for Hitler just because he in same party
you see others vote all the time for ....... Think Not!!

Anonymous said...

We all see that the Democrats have been the ones Ruining
our country.

There are many Hillarys , not just one.

There needs to be a New Dept formed : Hire & Fire

2 Term limits for Congress/Senate/Supreme Court

Do away with IRS (KGB of America)

Anonymous said...

Clintons are Rock Stars , working on their new album now...

Anonymous said...

Get the NEW E-mails looked at NOW on Hillary
It can be done in a don't take until AFTER the
ALSO SHE SHOULD BE CHARGED as soon as some bad e-mails are
found, and Not wait until after the election
You can Bet there are many incriminating E Mails that will
Get both Hillary/Huma/and Weener Charged !!!!!

Anonymous said...

All those new E- mails had better be read THIS WEEK
or there are going to be Many Pissed off Voters...esp
Republicans since the outcome Does affect who wins....

Anonymous said...

FBI find those more important E-Mails the Secret and
Ultra secret Level Ones from/to Hillary that were on her Unsecure server;
Also why are not those lawyers of hers Charged too for looking at, and destroying E-mails that they Had No
Security clearance to even See in the first place ????

Anonymous said...

And why not Hillary charged for giving those E-mails to her lawyers, who should Not have been seeing them, let alone
destroying them ??

Anonymous said...

she is the cash cow ......

Anonymous said...

Better Charge Hillary now FBI !!!!
Or if she gets in as president she can just Give Herself
Immunity to All of it......then all she did means Nothing

Anonymous said...

Yea , Only a few days left to Charge her FBI

Female Body Inspectors !!!

Anonymous said...

Close Down that Fake Foundation too
It's just a Clinton Mafia front that's all
FBI had better do something about that too, not just E-Mails....
Gov't should confiscate all the $$ in the foundation

Anonymous said...

FBI don't let these NEW E-mails Get LOST like last time

Anonymous said...

Either Obama will Pardon Her or she will Pardon Herself

So Hillary Not Worried .....FBI can't touch her .....

Anonymous said...

Bet Huma don't have much Humor lately !!!

Anonymous said...

Now !! more in news where Podesta and other player
scheming to protect Hillary

He should be fired and prosecuted....Period

America is Sick And Tired Already of Clinton Corruption
Enough is Enough .... How can anyone want more of it ???

Anonymous said...

Female Body Inspectors (FBI) wake up and Charge Hillary
before this week is over
Don't let her get Elected to WH ...she will come after you
Time is running out ,,,there are more than enough E-mails
to take her out of the race , lets Get To Work !!!!!

Anonymous said...

FBI >> Time to BleachBit that Teflon on the Clintons !!!!
Take if off,wipe them clean, Keep them Out of WH .....

Anonymous said...

Bleach Bit the Democrats from Congress and Senate
2 term limits for them and Supreme Court

2 terms good enough for the President , then it is good
enough for them too... this will help keep corruption out

Make it so they Only can take their salarys NO More !!!

Anonymous said...

Make it so President cannot Pardon Themselves or anyone else

Or they will Always have an OUT !!! Along with others
they favor.....

Anonymous said...

Enough on the Clintons (and others) to sink their ship !!
What more do you want or expect America ??
If you can't see by now ...get your head out of the sand...
More coming out daily on Hillary .. she could not get Dog
Catcher by now !!
This is the TOP and MOST Largest Scandal in USA Gov history
Far larger than Watergate....and Far more reaching .....
Who wants more, by putting Hillary in WH ... NoOne with any
common sense....Enough is Enough

Anonymous said...

Good Job Wikileaks..

Better Enter the Witness Protection Program if Hillary Looses though....she will seek revenge.....

If Wikileaks can get these E-mails so readily , then, why
can't our USA Gov also do the same ???
Where is NSA, CIA lately ?? On Vacation ??

They watch Us all the time, so why can't they (with all the
High Tech they have) do even better at it than a Wikileaks?

Anonymous said...

NO Pardon should be Allowed on Hillary and her Co-conspirators
If it is, then that is the OUT these criminals can always
count on to get them matter what they did....

Why have Law if this Loophole is allowed
If it is allowed, then there Is a double standard....
One set of Rules as to how we Pee-ons are treated, and
another set of rules for the Rich or in Power in Gov

Congress or Supreme Court should be able to BLOCK Pardons!!

Anonymous said...

Presidents are Not Kings/Queens/Dictators .....or so we
thought ...........
the Pardon awaits Hillary for sure ... Too much Power for
the Pres to have.....