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Thursday, September 29, 2016

School Delays

Wicomico County 2 hour delay.

Somerset County 2 hour delay.

Delmar School District 2 hour delay.

Worcester County 2 hour delay.


Anonymous said...

Canal woods is under water, peoples homes are flooded out.

Anonymous said...

A bass boat just went by my house,and I live in town.

Anonymous said...

The only reason these school districts have the same "2 hour delay" is because they all talk together and have an agreement, what one does, the other does.

Anonymous said...

Wicomico & Delmar share students. True. They coordinate.

Worcester and Somerset adjoin Wicomico so weather sometimes gets confused and strays across county lines.

If only everyone downloaded our car dealer weather app we could resolve this problem and then each county would have separate weather.