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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Papers Backing Clinton Hit With Flood of Cancellations

Newspapers that have broken with tradition to endorse Democrat Hillary Clinton are paying a price – in subscriptions, the New York Times reported.

The Arizona Republic, The Dallas Morning News, The Cincinnati Enquirer, and The Houston Chronicle have all eschewed traditional support they would have been expected to extend to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump to instead endorse Clinton.

"We're feeling the weight of our history," Phil Boas, the editorial page editor of The Arizona Republic, told The Times, which reported a flood of subscription cancellations followed the paper's decision.

Mike Wilson, editor of The Morning News, told Poynter the newspaper "paid a price for our presidential recommendation."

Boas noted he expected "a lot of cancellations" – and noted the Enquirer, also owned by Gannett, also felt the heat from subscribers.



Anonymous said...

I find it odd, that they feel it is in their place to even comment on such a thing. Their job is to report the news. Not comment on it or endorse anyone.
It is a odd practice. WTH do I care what a newpaper thinks. It is, again, just one persons opinion. Why would their opinion be more important than anyone else's.

Maybe they should just stick to reporting the news.

It is an odd tradition that someone felt their opinion was more important than anyone else's

Anonymous said...

May they reap what the sow!
Hope it was worth it!
Maybe the "Clinton Foundation" will reimburse them for this endorsement!

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that with the mounting cancellations they still support a liar, a cheat, a murderer, a woman hater, a hater of Christians, a lover of all things muslim.
You really have to wonder how her Jewish son-in-law feels about this

Anonymous said...

I'm sure others will step up and subscribe, so let them leave.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Times will come out and endorse Clinton. They, like politicians, do not listen to their customers anymore. It happened to Norm Conway. If it wasn't for the obituaries I would cancel the paper.

Anonymous said...

Gannett papers suck. We see that here in our own city, where the subscriptions have been falling off for over ten years, and not without good reason.

Anonymous said...

Dump it. You can get the obits at

Anonymous said...

As if the publishers know something that you don't that gives them the power to decide who's best. Stick to cats in trees and sports reporting, Gannett.

Anonymous said...

If you have a computer or smart phone you can get the obits free on Delmarva online! Go ahead and cancel that rag tag of a newspaper!

Anonymous said...

10:35 - Greg - No, they will not. That is why you guys are pushing the garbage free. You know they only thing we use the paper for is eating crabs starting fires.

Anonymous said...

View them online. Problem solved :)

Anonymous said...

Gannett - newspaper chain that's circling the drain

Wash Post - now owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

ABC - owned by Disney; Little Georgie was Clinton WH insider

NBC, CNBC, MSNBC - owned by Comcast

CBS - President of network's brother works in Obama WH

Daily Times of the 'bury - owned by Gannett

This MSM bias spotter's guide provided as a public service.