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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Bridge At The Salisbury Park


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you have a bridge. Other areas in town don't have a back up unit to cross over.

Not Quite Understanding said...

I wonder how all of that water is going to affect the construction site just a few hundred feet downstream from there?

Anonymous said...

What's funny about this whole situation is that the Pittsville, Parsonsburg, Delmar, Hebron and Fruitland Fire Departments ran most of the calls for the Salisbury Fire Department all night long. Then the left and had to come back into Salisbury.

Now if someone would be kind enough to let our County Executive know how the Volunteer Fire Companies in the County had to bail out(no pun intended) the City of Salisbury out again. The County handled hundreds of calls for the City last night. Now tell me again how much Wicomico County owes Salisbury with this fire service agreement? How about the City of Salisbury pony up the money for all these calls that were handled by the Wicomico County Fire Companies.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the waste water treatment plant will fail again! Expect many floaters in the river!!!!

Anonymous said...

The whole E side is under water. We had a river running down the street and our back yards are ponds

Anonymous said...

News announcement:
FYI from Wicomico County Public Schools,

Hello, this is Tracy Sahler, Public Information Officer for Wicomico Schools, with an important school status update for Thursday, September 29. Due to current weather and road conditions and anticipated heavy rainfall later this afternoon, we will be dismissing students two hours early to get everyone home safely. Students will be served lunch before dismissal. There is no afternoon Prekindergarten. All after-school and evening activities are canceled for today. Student safety is our highest priority.

Please note that we have made the decision to close Wicomico Middle School on Friday, September 30th due to water issues from the overnight storm and the possibility of additional heavy rain later today. School and school system staff will work on preparing classrooms for the return of Wicomico Middle students on Monday.

If needed, further countywide updates will be provided as we monitor weather conditions and their impact on schools and the community. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please be safe.

Anonymous said...

The mold remediation companies are going to be swimming in the dough.