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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Good Job Salisbury Police!

While most of you were sleeping last night during this storm the SPD was busy closing off flood roads and assisting citizens. One conversation on their radio involved a woman that was in labor and trying to get to the hospital. Using their radios and their knowledge of what roads were and were not flooded they were able to coordinate a safe route so the vehicle could get to the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! A show of competence.

Anonymous said...

Actually is was the fire dept doing that.

SbyNews_Staff said...

It maybe have been both. It's difficult sometimes to tell which when they talk. SPD was definitely involved.

Anonymous said...

I am for sure they were working together 3:01 you smart ass.

Anonymous said...

Why do babies always seem to arrive when it is so horribly inconvenient?