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Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Information Released In Keith Lamont Scott Shooting

New information has emerged in the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott that, if accurate, undercuts the prevailing narrative about the Charlotte man who was shot and killed by police.

The gun that police say the 43-year-old Scott had on him at the time of last Tuesday’s shooting was reportedly stolen in a residential burglary, news station WBTV reports.

As a felon, Scott, who was black, was legally prohibited from owning a firearm, much less a stolen one. Police also said that they observed Scott smoking marijuana in his vehicle and then wielding a gun outside of his apartment complex before he was approached by officers.



Anonymous said...

But let's not release that info until we get all the rioters bussed in and add 3 days!

Anonymous said...

Black live matter???
Why then was he not working or doing volunteer work....Oh...S**t, yeah..he was reading a book while holding a handgun. Must have been an instruction manual????

Anonymous said...

Where is Sharpton now? Just an excuse to loot and steal. Many of us are getting sick and tired of the BLM crap.

Anonymous said...

All his past activities are relevant in a court of law but not so much at the time of the shooting. His actions immediately prior to and during police contact are what is important and relevant to whether his shooting is justified.

Anonymous said...

So what if he was a felon they didn't know this until after they murdered him. The man had not committed a crime he was minding business when idiots killed him. Now bring up the dirt square trying to justify a murder. You people are a sick lot another reason Why You Are Referred to as a RACE of DEVILS.