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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Newt Gingrich: Trump won the debate. Don't believe the Intellectual Yet Idiot class

After all my years in public life I am sickened by the intellectual dishonesty, arrogance, and smugness of what Nassim Taleb calls the Intellectual Yet Idiots.

The IYI's showed up immediately after the debate.

They stacked the deck against Trump with Lester Holt's one-sided questions and interventions.

The Holt-Clinton team was glib, articulate, and self-congratulatory. However, they lost.

Trump wins strategically because in a blunt, clear style, he is saying things most Americans believe. Trump's opponents, including Holt and Clinton, felt good after the debate because their side was glib, articulate, and said things they and their friends believe to be true.



Anonymous said...

Trump spoke from the heart without anything being rehearsed. What he said was interesting and "in your face" to Hillary. Every time Hillary spoke, it was just like hearing a skit that had been rehearsed over and over. She was fake and boring.

Anonymous said...

Hillary didn't know which fake accent to use to reach all of the people that she previously used one on. You know what I'm talkin' about!

Anonymous said...

Pure spin.

Anonymous said...

Trump is not a politician. We don't want another politician, especially the likes of Hillary Clinton, in the White House. Period!

mike said...

citizen you will believe what the mainstream media tells you to believe.