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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Regardless Of Price, Don’t Buy Your EpiPen On eBay

With the price of emergency allergy treatment EpiPen jumping nearly 600% in less than a decade, bringing the out-of-pocket cost for some patients to $600 for a two-pack, it’s perhaps not surprising that sketchy eBay sellers are claiming to offer the prescription medication at a discount, even though it’s against eBay policy, illegal, and just a really, really, really awful idea.

The presence of EpiPens on eBay isn’t a new scenario. We found people talking about the supposed availability of the auto-injector in 2005 post on a peanut allergy forum. The folks chatting in that forum all seemed to agree — wisely — that making the purchase would be a bad idea, but that doesn’t mean someone didn’t eventually end up purchasing that EpiPen, or that desperate buyers aren’t trying to snap up the pens currently being sold on the site.


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Ches. Paving is just doing what the SHA is paying them for, don't blame them. It's the SHA calling the shots.