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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pastor Mark Burns: Trump Going to the Black Community to SOLVE Problems

“This is a really exciting time for the Trump campaign,” Pastor Mark Burns told Breitbart’s Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM. “So many doors within the African-American community in this country have opened up for Mr. Trump.”

Burns said the campaign was being “strategic” in choosing the right times and places to interface with that community.

“People are saying Mr. Trump is not going to the black communities, he’s not going to the areas that are impacted in urban centers in our country,” he said. “It wasn’t that he wasn’t going, and it wasn’t that people wouldn’t invite him, either. It was just choosing the right place, that we thought would have the greatest impact within the African-American community in this country, and the heart of Detroit is just that.”

“Mr. Trump will be speaking, and answering questions on the only African-American owned and operated national Christian TV network, which is the Impact network. And he’s going to be interviewed by the CEO and president of the network, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, in the heart of Detroit, at the Great Faith Church in Detroit,” Burns announced.

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